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Pregnant & Post Natal training for Personal Trainers (4CECs): for just $97

This course offers you in depth knowledge relating to physical changes in anatomy, possible complications and contraindications for prescribing exercise to women during and following pregnancy. Developed in collaboration with women’s health physios and experienced fitness presenters specialising in pelvic floor safe programming, this course is a MUST for any trainer working with or looking to work with this market group.

AUD $97.00

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What you will learn!


“Having attended just about every course relevant to Pregnancy and Post Natal exercise training, I was expecting pretty much the same conservative approach when I started the mishfit online course. I was very pleasantly surprised to see some realistic, challenging and refreshing ideas that encourage you as a trainer to continue delivering a high level of service to your pregnant and post natal client. I also felt increasingly confident to tackle the complex clients, which in turn improved my ability to liase with other health care providers in the process. I enjoyed leanring the theory and I now find exercise prescription for women in general to be broader and exciting, well beyond the bouncing on the Fitball!” Kellie VIC

“The mishfit course gave me a understanding of the importance of specialized training for post and prenatal women. I was then able to go out and help this client group, knowing I was giving them the best possible care. I developed my understanding of all the extra conditions Pregnancy may bring to a woman’s body, can recognise these isues and help prescribe exercises that will improve the conditions and their general wellbeing. This course is essential for any PT who has a client that is post or prenatal.” Kath VIC

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